Ferring invests heavily in the process of creating new medicines through its research and development centers and through research collaboration with scientific institutes and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world.  Ferring carries out its development activities at centers located in Copenhagen (Denmark),  Parsippany (USA), Be’er Tuvia, (Israel), Mumbai (India) and Beijing (China).

The main focus of Ferring’s research and development efforts are peptide-based drugs and biotechnology derived medicines, such as recombinant proteins and other biologics.

Later stage more traditional small chemical molecules are also included in our development portfolio if they address unmet medical needs within our core therapeutic areas.

Investment in development includes the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology to capitalize on the company’s expertise and to support Ferring scientists.

Considerable resources  are also expended to develop drug delivery systems that enable treatments to be administered to patients in the most convenient and efficient way.

Peptide drugs marketed by Ferring and/or our licensees include:

  • MINIRIN® (desmopressin) for diabetes insipidus, primary nocturnal enuresis and nocturia
  • OCTOSTIM® (high dose desmopressin) for hemophilia A and type I von Willebrand disease
  • GLYPRESSIN® (terlipressin) for bleeding esophageal varices and hepatorenal syndrome
  • FIRMAGON® (degarelix) for prostate cancer
  • PABAL®/ DURATOCIN®/ LONACTENE® / DURATOBAL® (carbetocin injection) for post-partum bleeding
  • DECAPEPTYL® (triptorelin) for prostate cancer
  • TRACTOCILE® (atosiban), for preterm labor

Note: Not all Ferring products are available in all countries or territories.

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