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Dedicated to following the science

Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ global innovation engine is powered by the Ferring Research Institute in the United States. Our research facilities in Denmark and Israel further boost our R&D capabilities towards our shared purpose: the discovery of transformational medicines to change people’s lives. Learn more


Working at the Ferring Research Institute

We are always interested to hear from people with curious minds who share our passion for the discovery of transformational medicines. Ours is a workplace where ideas are listened to and contributions are valued.



The Ferring Research Institute (FRI) in San Diego is Ferring Pharmaceuticals’ global research arm and ideas incubator. We collaborate across scientific and organizational frontiers to transform world-class science into life-changing medicines to save and transform lives.

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Ferring Research Institute, United States

The Ferring Research Institute focuses on early drug discovery and drug development across our therapeutic areas from target identification to clinical proof-of-concept.

Ferring International Pharma Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

One of Ferring’s main research and development sites, this center houses Ferring Pharmaceutical’s bioanalysis, discovery biotherapeutics and immunology laboratories. As well as our preclinical & clinical development experts.


Bio-Technology General (BTG), Be’er Tuvia, Israel

BTG is a Ferring company focused on harnessing the power of biotechnology to build better, safe and essential biologics to improve patient’s lives.

Our Research centers

Our research institutes are strategically located throughout the world allowing Ferring access to key research ecosystems and attract world leading talent. Across the research centers we maintain a highly collaborative culture that encourages teams and individuals to work together across geographic boundaries.

Our leadership

“Pioneering the best science internally and externally has a long tradition within Ferring”

Araz Raoof, President of the Ferring Research Institute & Senior Vice-President Global Drug Discovery & External Innovation


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Our approach to early research and discovery

Within early research and discovery, we focus on what we do best: developing transformational medicines. We are determined to take an innovative research idea and turn it into a product that will help people live better lives. Our success is built on 70 years of innovation and commitment to patients.

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Meet Araz Raoof, President of Ferring Research Institute and Senior Vice-President Global Drug Discovery & Eternal Innovation.


Our science is deeply interconnected, we are always open to new collaborations. We are proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced scientists and technical experts leading our partnering process.

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Latest jobs in research

Ferring looks for dedicated team members to join its research efforts around the world. We recruit the best and brightest at all levels of expertise.

Senior Director, Discovery Oncology
San Diego

Scientist/Sr. Scientist, Formulation

San Diego

Purification Scientist, Discovery Chemistry
San Diego

Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry
San Diego