Our partnering approach


Our partnering approach

Our commitment to pushing scientific boundaries combines the best in technology and research partnerships to address the world’s health challenges.

Together we can achieve more

Partnering with Ferring in drug discovery and early clinical development

At Ferring, our scientists are working hard to discover and develop novel medicines for patients. However, as a global pharmaceutical company we also recognize that we cannot do this alone and are interested in developing strategic partnerships and collaborations that provide new treatment options with groups and organizations who share our passion for the discovery of transformational medicines.

We’re actively looking for novel opportunities aligned with our therapeutic interests.

Whether you have an innovative research discovery, enabling technology or advanced therapeutic program, Ferring would like to hear from you.

“As a leader in reproductive medicine and maternal health, and pioneer in the fields of gastroenterology and uro-oncology, Ferring is actively seeking opportunities for collaboration with innovators. Our partnerships extend from scientific research and treatment development, to health and care solutions that go ‘beyond the pill’.”

– Per Falk, President

Pioneering partnerships

Partnering with Ferring is not a typical corporate partnership. As a privately-owned company, our business model allows scope for flexibility in crafting deal structures.

We take pride in our R&D mindset and we focus on identifying and developing transformational innovations, no matter their source.

Potential partners will share our passion for breakthrough science and our vision to make a meaningful and lasting contribution to people’s health.

Our global team is made up of dedicated scientists, encompassing a broad variety of scientific expertise and backgrounds. From the first conversation to a long-term collaboration, we welcome scientific exchange with possible partners as the foundation of a successful alliance.

Whether you are an academic researcher, biotech or entrepreneur working in an area aligned with our therapeutic programs (from early discovery to clinical development), we would be interested to hear from you.

Together, we can help people build families and live healthier lives.

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