Our scientific approach


Our scientific approach

Our commitment to pushing scientific boundaries combines the best in technology and research partnerships to address the world’s health challenges

Believing in the power of research

Our creativity in research and commitment to innovation is what enables our scientists to work at the frontiers of new medicines discovery and development.

We are dedicated to improving patients’ lives and outcomes to give them a better quality of life via prevention and treatment is our mission.

We’re working hard too to give families hope for the future by working toward a cure for some of the world’s most complex diseases.

At the Ferring Research Institute, our scientists focus on discovering groundbreaking medicines in multiple therapy areas that span infertility, preterm birth, gut dysbiosis, Crohn’s disease and urothelial cancer.

A unique R&D culture

Our founders have shaped our culture, curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit.

Pushing the boundaries of science is ingrained within Ferring’s DNA thanks to our founders: Eva and Frederik Paulsen.

Ever since our company’s foundation in the 1950s, we have built on their philosophy and determination to harness the best science and people to develop the most innovative treatments for patients.

Today, Ferring is continuing to strengthen its internal capabilities and excellence in drug discovery and development and to inspire our scientists to tap into their own curiosity and creativity.

That includes harnessing data and technology to maximize time for the discovery and delivery of potential new medicines.

Our’s is an environment in which our people are able to work seamlessly and inclusively together. Here, talent and diversity are celebrated – and every voice is heard.

Understanding the journey

To discover innovative treatments that improve patients’ lives, our scientists translate powerful science to develop life-changing medicines.

The understanding of disease biology and the targeting of the molecular mechanisms driving pathophysiology is core to our business and drug development framework definition.