Data science and artificial intelligence


Data science and artificial intelligence

At Ferring, we’re leveraging big data and advanced analytics including AI to transform how we discover medicines.

At Ferring, we‘ve embedded data science and artificial intelligence (AI) across our R&D to enable our scientists to push the boundaries of science.

We’re continuously taking new steps towards innovation. Recently, we’ve teamed up with AI specialist, CytoReason, to identify novel targets in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

CytoReason has developed a cutting-edge AI platform to build cell-centered disease models that combine new technology with our interests in gastroenterology and immunology to explore exciting novel therapeutic options for IBD patients.

“Data science & AI have the potential to transform the way we discover and develop medicines. Collaborations such as with CytoReason allow us to harness the power of AI and data science in discovering novel targets for IBD, Reproductive Health, and other diseases. We are building a world-class Data Science & AI team to turn data into knowledge, with the aim of enabling the translation of innovative science into life-changing medicines”.Yong Yue, Ferring’s Senior Director Computational Biology & Data Sciences.

It means our scientists are now working towards discovering targets through integrative analyses of transcriptomic, genetic and real-world datasets to improve the understanding of disease biology in key pathways.

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